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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Grandfather Mountain Blows New Record

Image: Rime Ice
When clouds freeze on the trees, it forms a frozen phenomenon called rime ice. When the mountain is covered with rime ice, Grandfather takes on a truly fairy-tale atmosphere.

Today, winds of at least 200 miles-per-hour were recorded on Grandfather Mountain.

The wind speed breaks the previous record of 195-point-five miles per hour set almost nine years ago.

The previous record was set April 18th, 1997.

Grandfather Mountain officials say the upper limit on Grandfather's anemometer is 200 miles per hour, but the needle on the gauge actually went beyond its limit.

The wind blew out three double-strength steel-wire-reinforced windows at the mountain's visitor center and upended a 300-pound boulder that was cemented into the parking area.

Source: WWAY-TV Wilmington NC

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  • At Thursday, 26 January, 2006, Blogger Melissa O. Markham said…

    This is some place I have always wanted to go. I had never heard of Rime Ice. I try to learn something new everyday. Thanks for helping me meet my goal early on today:)

    I have been enjoying your blog.

  • At Thursday, 26 January, 2006, Blogger D L Ennis said…

    Thanks for stopping by Melissa!

    This blog is much more enjoyable to me; not so much controversy. I’m looking at the lighter side of life and not concentrating on the darker issues…it’s more agreeable to my emotional state!


  • At Friday, 27 January, 2006, Blogger Melissa O. Markham said…


    By helping us walk on the light side, you are doing a great service. There is so much grief and antagonism in the world, it is great to go somewhere and be reminded of the beauty and happiness around us.

  • At Friday, 27 January, 2006, Blogger D L Ennis said…

    Very kind of you to say...thank you Melissa!


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