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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Spring? Sometimes You Just Need a Break!

Candy, last summer, on a blanket in the shade where I do my morning reading on hot summer days.

I was sitting here in my home office this morning, pouring over some research for a project I’m working on, when my constant companion “Candy”—the smallest of our five dogs—starts fussing for me to take her outside; I finally gave in!

So, we went out back to our full-sun garden and I laid down on the bench-swing watching the fluffy-pillows of clouds drift by while Candy did her thing.

The longer I lay there the more my senses came to life and I suddenly noticed that a Carolina Wren was serenading me from a near by holly. I sat up and let the warm morning sun bathe my face for a moment then opened my eyes and began looking around. The first thing my eyes noticed was the swelling buds on the Hickory and Bradford Pear trees.

Image left: Japanese quince; an early bloomer.

As I looked around the garden a beam of yellow dashed into my eyes and them pink; A Forsythia and Japanese quince was in bloom. I turned to look at the Dogwoods and the buds, sat last autumn, were still tightly wrapped, perched on the tips of their bare winter branches; ah, a false spring; it happens every year; I’m always trying to rush spring on during the waning days of winter!

But take heart, for there are only twenty days left until the first day of spring when the earth springs to life. So, if you can, do yourself a favor and take a few moments to enjoy a beautiful late winter day like today, here at my Blue Ridge Mountain home, where the temperature is sixty-something, it’s mostly sunny, and the birds are singing!


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