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Friday, March 10, 2006

A little about me.....

Well, it appears that I have been accepted into the world of the BRG! I cant even begin to describe how this makes me feel. I'm truly among good company and it is a wonderful feeling to know that all of the little things that bounce around in my head on a day to day basis will be in front of all the good people that frequent the BRG and will be surrounded by all the writings of the contributors that call the BRG home. Thank you for welcoming me.

As for the rest of the world....well....I suppose I should probably begin by getting you up to speed. I live in a little corner of the world known as Jonesborough Tennessee which just happens to be the oldest town in the state. It was once the grand capital of the state of Franklin, and yes it was named after the Mr.Franklin that you are thinking of. The town itself has not yet reached the 4,000 mark in population and to be quite honest with you, I hope that it never does. Lots of good things happen here as you could imagine with such a historical background. Foremost I suppose would be the "National Storytelling Festival" which you can read more about here in the BRG. I have lived, worked and visited many parts of this great country and I can't see myself living anywhere else. I am a history freak (history buff isn't good enough) and therefore living here was meant to be. I fancy myself an outdoorsman of sorts. In my youth all I could dream of was hunting, fishing and camping. Several years ago something came over me that made me reconsider my view of the natural world. So to make a long story short and not give away the premise for a future writing, I laid down the guns and replaced them with the cheapest 35mm camera K-Mart had to offer and the rest is history. So you can bet that the majority of my ramblings if not all of them will be about my view of life in a small town and my adventures in the great outdoors. I also appear to have this thing for music. I have fought the musical demon all my life and would turn my back on it, mostly because of the difficulty involved with keeping a group together for any length of time. I have come to realize over the past few years that music is not only a group activity but is also and just as much if not more of an individual or solitary activity. So what that means is that there just might be a few musical subjects find their way into the BRG as well. There is much more to know about me but I will let you digest this before I serve the main course. My life is as simple as I can make it at the moment and mostly unplanned. I do however try to look ahead for any detours that might be coming and adjust my heading accordingly. I try to brace for the rough spots and embrace the detours. I look forward to writing about those as well. Hello BRG! How ya' been?


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