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Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Call for Writers

We have of expanded our coverage to include all mountainous regions east of the Mississippi and we are looking for writers.

I would prefer that you live in the mountains of eastern United States, but if you are interested in this area, and love and want to write and know how to do research, I don’t care where you live. We need writers who want to write!

Our Mission Statement:

The Appalachian Mountains, from Maine to Georgia, is a culturally diverse region filled with a colorful history and rich with natural beauty and people of extreme artistic qualities. Here at The Blue Ridge Gazette our mission is to celebrate, educate, and raise awareness of all that the region and its people have to offer.

Things you should know: We do not get many comments. However, we do have a large readership that is growing daily and this is a wonderful opportunity to be read and improve your writing!

If interested you can email me here.


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