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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hot Dog Lunch

Road Log Excerpt
Yancey County, NC
Friday 10 July

"…turn west on Cr1340. A one-track tan dirt road, thru a gate next to a barn and up a residential hollow. This road looks more like a private lane. I'm watched suspiciously by front porch sitters. Climbing along the stony track, bob wire fence on the right, snakeroot on the left standing tall. Hardscrabble thickets and brush. Huge Christmas trees overgrown, never harvested for market. Abandoned pickups, covered with honeysuckle, rusting beside the road. Down a steep decline framed by ridges in front, wild potato vine blossoms dangle from a rusty wire. A narrow hollow compresses to a tight squeeze. A hairpin around a tarpaper shack. Juvenile rabbits zigzag madly scrambling for the nearest ditch. It's 10 mph, bounce and rumble over the roughened stones. My eyes water, my nose drips rudely. Beagle's back glass is covered with a thick layer of dust. Stop. I stroll across a one-lane bridge and photograph an old sawmill; another shot down the railroad tracks. Then pause before a handwritten notice - a single sheet of erasable typing paper thumb-tacked to a wooden sign post…"

Bradshaw Fire & Rescue
Will be Hosting an Attic

Sale and Hot Dog Lunch
Sat. July 4th at the
Fire Dept. Site
Enjoy the Day with Us


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