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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Writers Wanted!

We are looking for writers! The Blue Ridge Gazette blog is a not for profit venture so currently we can't pay for articles that appear on the blog. However, we have put together an online magazine (zine) and our readership continues to grow, both on the blog and the zine!

Here is what we want: We want writers who are able and willing to post at least once a week, on the blog, on the subject of the Blue Ridge Mountains; the best articles from the blog are selected each month to appear in the following month's zine. If you are able to do this and stay with it long enough for the zine to start producing some income then you will be paid, in accordance with that income, for your articles which appear in the zine.

We are trying to build something and it takes time and dedicated people to make it work!

If you would be interested in getting in on the ground floor of this project and are able to help by working hard, within reason, and can be patient you could and hopefully will start earning an income from your writing!

If interested, you can email us here.

Let me just add: Each contributor retains all rights to what they write; we have no desire to copyright your material!


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