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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Blueridge Photo Tour

This photo is at the entrance to the trail that leads to the top of Flat Top Mountain. At one Time Sharp Top was considered to be the highest peak in Virginia . Then it was found Flat Top Mountain was higher. In fact, other near by mountains are taller than both these peaks.

At the time of the sculpture of Mt Rushmore, rocks were brought from Sharp Top Mountain as a symbolic use from the highest peak in Virginia, but they were wrong. It was not the highest peak.

Here is a spot I go often in hopes of seeing a beaver that has been busy here. Or perhaps to catch a picture of a blue heron. It is Otter Creek near were it empties into the James River on the Blueridge Parkway.

Just off the Blueridge Parkway, there are roads through the National Forest. This picture was taken off Pettties Gap.

To see more of my photos of the beautiful Blueridge mountains and other parts of nearby landscape visit LynchburgViriginia on Flickr

If you are interested in personal photo safaris, feel free to contact DL at It would be our pleasure to show you around.


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