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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Blue Ridge Scenes

To our regulars, sorry for not being around much lately…I am trying to rectify this!

We are always looking out for other writers/photographers (either or) so if you are interested please use the “contact us” button in the sidebar…Thanks!

Meadows and Mountains

Meadows and MountainsA look across the meadows at the mountains in the distance…taken in Amherst County, Virginia.

Virginia Plantation House

Virginia Plantation HouseThis is an old plantation house in Bedford County, Virginia and it has obviously had some restoration and modernizing done to it. However, it still holds much of the charter of this style of home that it originally had. This image has been toned and textured and is best viewed large if you have the proclivity and time!

Cold Drinks

Cold DrinksThis is the window of an old country store in Bedford County, Virginia. Some of what you see is reflections of the sky and clouds, and part of the roof overhanging the front of the store. You can also see some of the items in the store window; paintings a flower pot, etc. If you view it large you will be able to see more detail…I think it’s worth it!

Breathing-in the Morn

Breathing-in the MornTaken on a lake in the Blue Ridge Mountains: the lake and all life around it awakens and breaths in the morning as the sun tops the trees to bid the day welcome. Please, view this large if you are so inclined and have the time…

Mountain Mist

Mountain MistTaken on a misty day in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia…

The Old Grist Mill

The Old Grist MillThis is an old grist mill that sits on private property in Campbell County, Virginia.

Lonely Reflections

Lonely ReflectionsI’m not sure what I think feels lonelier, an empty bench with only supposed human attachment in an isolated location such as in this image, or a bench occupied by a lone person in the middle of a bustling city…they both touch me deeply! I positioned the bench on the left side of the pic, turned slightly facing out of the pic to hopefully portray more of a sense of separation; isolation; loneliness…

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