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Friday, May 05, 2006

Gossamer Strands


Recently the other editor of the Blue Ridge Gazette and I were kicking ideas around and we (mostly he) came up with the idea of putting together an on-line group blog with articles about fine fibers. So here's another blog called Gossamer Strands.

Our focus will be on fine fibers, angora, silk, alpaca, bison, fine wools and other elegant fibers that are spun, woven, knitted, crocheted or felted. Articles can be about techniques, the animals, the history of the fiber, tools, whatever....the only requirement is that the theme be fine fibers and their use.

Writers are NEEDED! The guidelines are in the sidebar of Gossamer Strands. There are some wonderful writers out there in the blog world (you know who you are!) and I think we could put together an awesome site for reference and that would be a lot of fun. Soon I'd like to put together another magazine, like the Blue Ridge Gazette that would feature articles from the blog plus new articles. The only limits are our imagination; if the magazine is successful our writers could be PAID for writing articles!


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