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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Virginia's Haunted Places

In honor of October and Halloween...

All of the following places require permission to enter, so if you are thinking about visiting them keep that in mind.

Today’s listing, A-C:

Abingdon - Martha Washington Inn - The ghost of a young woman haunts the inn believed looking for her lover. Sightings are so common/reliable that they at one time charged extra for her “favorite” room. The workers are very helpful and acknowledged the sightings. no matter how many times they put down new carpet, blood stains reappear from old soldiers who were wounded during the war.

Alexandria - Brown House - Revolutionary War soldiers have been seen here.

Alexandria - Gadsby’s Tavern - Known to be haunted by a young women; in period clothing.

Alexandria - Ramsey House - The first house in the city (King and N. Fairfax) has had people see figures in period costume in the basement.

Amelia - Haw Branch Plantation - There is a picture of a young lady that is said to blush at times when you look at her, also the smell of oranges sometimes in the parlor. Frequently you can hear people talking and laughing in the parlor, and it stops when you enter the room. Footsteps on the stairway are heard. There is also a screaming woman outside on a certain nights.

Amherst - Winton Country Club - People have reported seeing things, hearing strange noises. And a few people have reported coming down the steps and seeing a woman’s reflection in the window.

Annandale - Annandale High School – Boy’s Restroom - Believed to be haunted by a student that committed Suicide. Reports of seeing the dead boy in a mirror in the bathroom.

Annandale - Round Tree Park - Known to many residents in Annandale and Arlington. Many sightings of a lady holding her baby who torments many people who happen to wonder in the park at night. It is said that when the fog rises then that is when she is most seen.

Ashland - Randolph-Macon College - Mary Branch girl’s dormitory has had doors opening and closing by themselves, items disappearing/reappearing, etc. Washington-Franklin Hall has at least two ghosts that have appeared to teachers on several occasions.
Ashland - Randolph-Macon College - SAE Fraternity House - Strange noises are also present, noises other than those normally found in a frat house. Some of the soldiers are only visible from the midsection up, presumably walking on the old house floor.

Ashland - Randolph-Macon College - Wash Frank Hall -two ghosts were seen by a student in Wash Frank Hall. Wash Frank Hall had recently been renovated and was kept locked after classes. The history department was housed in that building. A guy named Buzzy found the door unlocked, went in and played the piano (he has just lost a football player friend that evening who died in the library). He looked up sensing a presence in the room and there was a man dressed in turn of the century clothes sitting across the room. The man gestured for him to continue playing but Buzzy got freaked out and ran out of the place.

Barhamsville - Makemie Woods - This place is haunted by the ghost of a Civil War nurse who can be heard playing the piano at night. She has also been spotted walking the fields at night, still looking for wounded soldiers to help.

Bassett - Junkyard - At night when you are riding down the road you can see headlights flashing on and off in the field. If you go out there at night you hear doors shut all by themselves and you hear radios playing. At the very bottom of the field you can hear motors from the cars like they are being drove around. They say this happens from the ghost that were killed in car wrecks and come back to haunt the junkyard.

Bedford - Avenel House - Reports of seeing “The White Lady walking around the property, sometimes accompanied with a gentleman (also in white). An apparition of a black man has been reported to be looking out an upstairs window.

Bethel Manor - Langley Air force Base - Bethel Reservoir - What is now covered by Bethel reservoir was once a Revolutionary War and Civil War battlefield with many casualties buried there. Supposedly before the Revolutionary War it was sacred ground to the PaMounkie Indians. Several drownings have occurred there over the years, along with some alleged kidnappings and rapes. One of the more famous drownings happened the summer of ‘88. The aptly named Dewy Banks fell out of a canoe and drown. No one actually witnessed the event but his body was found several weeks later. Strange occurrences have been reported there for years including hearing your voice called; strange fogs, ball lightening, etc.

Blacksburg - A women walks through the walls of the tunnel and then vanishes during the day.

Boissevain - Boissevain road - Reports of hearing footsteps following along side in the fields. Bowling Green - Civil war soldiers can be heard calling out commands and then firing, also confederate soldiers have been seen walking through the graveyard behind the church. The church has also been said to be haunted.

Bowling Green - Old Mansion Inn - the ghost of Colonel John Waller Hoomes haunts his home.

Bridgewater - Bridgewater College Campus - Is a very beautiful campus, but it has many secrets. Founded in 1880, it is built on Native American hunting grounds. is said to be haunted by the ghost of it’s namesake, Mr. Cole. His ghost has been sighted many times by members of the drama club, musicians, and audience members. Usually seated on the balcony, the ghost appears when he is particularly pleased with a performance. Once, at the end of a play, the lights overhead began to flicker rapidly, and a cold spot was felt near a particular seat on the balcony. Once again, Mr. Cole was pleased.

Bristol - Virginia Intermont College - Every time the room has been remodeled, it has suffered an electrical fire and a ghostly presences felt.

Buena Vista - Southern Virginia College - This college is supposedly haunted by the ghost of a young boy who died here. He is said to haunt the fourth floor, which is one of the women’s dormitories. The ghost can sometimes be heard riding his bicycle up and down the hallway. There has also been an unusual death every year since the college was built.

Bullrun Manasses - Cobblestone Bridge - Civil War soldiers have been seen crossing the bridge at night.

Chantilly - Walney Road - It is said that many years ago before the windy road was paved a man was killed while hitchhiking. On Wednesday or Thursday nights at 11:30 if you drive down Walney and you see a hitchhiker, it is recommended that you stop. He appears up to three times to give you the chance to pick him up. If you still don’t pick him up by the third time, a car will come out of nowhere and kill you.

Charlottesville - Castle Hill Manor - Castle Hill Manor was built before the Revolutionary War in 1765, by a Dr. Thomas Walker. Many guests who have stayed at the manor have been aroused and really frightened in the middle of the night by uncanny noises or footsteps. Some guests over the years have seen a female and described her as a young pretty woman who is sometimes playful and whose main goal is to disturb the people that she doesn’t like sleeping in her room. However other guests who she does like have slept in peace in her room. In the early 1800’s a prince and princes lived in the house and had many festive parties. Guest are also woken by sounds of chairs moving across the floor, glasses clinking, and footsteps walking swiftly across the floor. Possibly the ghosts are reliving the parties they had hundreds of years ago.

Charlottesville - Monticello - home Thomas Jefferson - Monticello employees have often heard him whistling on the grounds, as he was know to do during his living days. Apparitions of a 10 year old boy wearing a uniform and a tri-cornered hat peering out a 2nd floor window. During the house tour the tour guide said that no one was allowed upstairs because of the fire codes. They knew nothing of the boy.

Charlottesville - Tandem Friends School - The “Old Building” of the school was supposed to be a civil war hospital. It is located about 2 miles from Monticello. There have been numerous reports of a confederate soldier that walks in the upstairs hall.

Chester - Parker’s Battery - Civil war bunkers are still occupied by spirits, some of which seem to be very sad and confused.

Chilhowie - CHS Hauntings - This school is buried on an Indian burial ground from Many years ago!!! There are Indians that appear and walk the halls mostly late at night! There is one that likes to appear in the gym very often!

Christiansburg - Christiansburg Middle School - Reports of lights coming on at night and go off before the light switch is touched, witnesses see shadows of 3 women, and in the cellar baby’s cries are heard.

Clifford Winton Country Club - This is a haunting concerning the periodic return of Sarah Henry (Patrick Henrys Mother) to Winton, the home they once lived in. Sarah Henry died on Christmas Day 1784. Her footsteps & the swish of her petticoat heard, & her presence felt.

Clifton - Bunnyman bridge - a man who escaped from a mental institution hid in a tunnel under a bridge where he hung people. It is called Bunnyman because when searchers looked for the man they found the carcass of rabbits. His ghost still haunts the bridge and sightings of people seen hanging from the bridge are common.

Covington - Panther Rock - Back in the 1960’s there was a woman riding along on her horse. A slick black panther came out of the woods with the taste for blood. The panther startled the horse. The horse throw the woman off and she hit her head on a jaggit rock and was sreaming for help. If you go up there at night when it is raining and get out of your car. You can hear the woman screaming for help and the panthers bone chilling cries. The rain on the rock will turn red from where the panther slatured her and all goes quiet.

Crockett - Crockett Post office - There was a woman checking her mail late one night, and was killed by a murder on the loose. She is said to be standing at the mail box at which she had owned with her back toward the entrance and when she turns around you can see the knife marks where the guy slit her throat. And on the anniversary of that night it is said that when you go near the building you can hear the woman calling for help and screaming.

Cumberland - Small Abandoned Graveyard - There are four or five graves that are abandoned in the woods. It is said that slaves were buried here in the 1800’s. It is also said that they cross the street at night looking for a way to the north.



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