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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Photos-Moody Days on the BRP

These images depict some of the more moody days on the Blue Ridge Parkway thus far this spring, 2007…I hope you enjoy them!

A Magical Day

A Magical DayThe James River in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and a very pretty day…Taken from the Blue Ridge Parkway…

Meadow Croft

Meadow CroftA meadow in Snowden Pass looks to the mountains beyond…

As the Clouds Devour the Mountain

As the Clouds Devour the MountainTaken on the Blue Ridge Parkway on a stormy day in Virginia…

Blue Mist and May Apples

Blue Mist and May ApplesA misty evening on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia…

The Mayapple Forest

The Mayapple ForestA misty evening in the Jefferson National Forest, on the Blue Ridge Parkway, in the woods where mayapples carpet the forest floor…

Only Three Steps to Heaven

Only Three Steps to HeavenTake the three stone steps and follow the trail to the Appalachian Trail which in this area runs along a 100 ft. cliff over looking the valley and the Allegany Mountain range to the west…Of course, on this day, the view would be obstructed by the intense fog and mist!

Misty Evening Mountain Café

Misty Evening Mountain CaféA misty evening on the summit of Thunder Ridge, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia where you can dine with black bear and raccoons…

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