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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Virginia's Haunted Places D - F

In honor of October and Halloween...All of the following places require permission to enter, so if you are thinking about visiting them keep that in mind.

Today’s listing, D – F:

Danville - The Danville Museum - Danville Museum, aka. The Sutherlin Mansion. This was the last capitol of the confederacy. Jefferson Davis spent hours staring out the window of the parlor, after he heard the news of the surrender of the confederacy. To this day, you can take tours through the mansion, but the real tour is at night. You can hear foot steps, hear a young girl moan, see a young woman in mirrors, and smell cigar smoke.

Danville - Lanier House - Owned by the first mayor of Danville who then sold it to the seventh mayor. It is the oldest building in Danville. At one point, during or close to the Civil War it served as a children’s clinic. Footsteps can be heard as well as voices. Several people have actually seen apparitions. It now serves as a Law Office and is at 770 Main Street.

Danville - Oak Hill cemetery - A report of a headless man walking around the cemetery at night. He might me looking for his head

Eastern Henrico - Pocahontas Parkway Rt. 895 - Pocahontas Parkway was built where Indians once lived, hunted, and fished. Now there is a huge road there instead and they aren’t happy. Nightly you can hear them, drumming, chanting, whooping, and talking in foreign tongue. And occasionally you can see them.

Emory - Emory & Henry College - Music Hall was at one time a debate/courtroom building. It is said that a heated discussion became too much for one of the men, therefore he left the room to get some air. As he was leaning on the windowsill, his opponent pushed him out. The man caught the hanging lamp outside, but fell to his death from a third story window. To this day, that hanging lamp will constantly swing even when the weather is not windy. Also, some nights, mysterious walking and piano playing can be heard when no one is at the piano. The third floor of "MaWa" Hall is also haunted! It is said that a young woman who lived there was stood up for the fall formal dance. She hanged herself from the middle shower stall in the community bathroom. Sometimes that showerhead will squirt water out of control from the hardware connected to the wall. And also the sound of high heels has been heard going up and down the hall late in the evening hours.

Fairfax - George Mason University - Gazebo - A small gazebo bordering the campus lake is said to be frequented by the spirit of a young man. He apparently drowned in the lake one evening. His body was found sitting in the gazebo by two females the next morning. Since that time, the man’s figure has been seen standing at the edge of the lake, or sitting in the gazebo. He has been known to beckon young women to come sit with him, and quickly disappearing when accommodated.

Falls Church - Haycock Elementary - Reported to be haunted by an ex-Vice Principal. The following year, on the same day of her firing, strange events occurred. People were shoved against walls; papers were thrown around, doors slamming, desks being toppled over, but all when no one else was around. That week, the head custodian reported that he saw a strange figure beckoning him to come closer, after school hours, when everyone had left.

Falls Church - Longfellow Middle School - Back in the 1960's, the principal of Longfellow suffered a massive heart attack and died in his office at the school. After hours, custodians and other faculty report seeing him walk around the halls, apparently looking for troublemakers - as he would do normally as principal. They also have reported doors shutting, lights turning off, voices, and other noises, all of which have no explanations. This school, reportedly, is one of the most haunted in all of northern Virginia. In 1995, a teacher even reported hearing a moaning and screaming down the hallways, with no one else around.

Farmville - Longwood College - Curry Hall - A three-year-old boy rode his bicycle into the elevator shaft and died, falling to his death. It is reported that if one rides the elevator to the tenth floor and then to the basement, the boy's ghost will be seen when the doors open.

Fishersville - Woodrow Wilson Rehab Center - Reports of dorm rooms opening by themselves as one was entering, feelings of being watched, radios changed stations, footsteps, and feeling a presence.

Fort Belvior - Abandoned Sewage Plant - Went there a few times as a kid...abandoned in a hurry, books, TV, cloths etc were left in the watchman's house. Underground Tunnels. A lot of dead animals and skeletons around it and inside of it. Located in Jadwin Village, down the road that says do not enter, if you go along the sides you can get under the fence in a few areas...the MPs sometimes go down there if someone calls them....Strange feeling when you look at the tunnel...or get close to it.

Fort Myer - Old Post Chapel - This is a military chapel used for funeral services since the 1930's at Arlington National Cemetery. Soldiers have reported hearing voices, footsteps and also previously locked doors opening and closing by themselves. Also there have been reports of soldiers finding all the cabinets and drawers in certain rooms being found open to perfect ninety-degree angels, when it was impossible for anyone to have been in those rooms. Finally, there have been sightings of a figure sitting in the bridal room, previously used as a mourning room for grieving families.

Fort Monroe - The Chamberlain - George Washington has been seen here, among others. It is said that the top floor of the hotel is haunted by several apparitions and was closed for this reason.- February 2005 Update: Has been sold and is reopening as a veterans hospital.

Fort Story - Coast Artillery Rd. - On the coldest, wettest nights There has been at least two sightings by soldiers who regularly patrol the base of a mysterious ghostly being who allegedly disappears into the wetlands of this area. It has been said that this may be the ghost of a soldier who was stationed here who committed suicide by hanging himself about 6 years ago.

Fredericksburg - Aquia Church - the ghost of a woman killed there has been seen in the belfry.

Fredericksburg - Chatham Manor - The apparition of a white lady walks a path on these grounds that has become known as Ghost Walk. Chatham was built in 1771 by William Fitzhugh. He named it after a close friend, William Pitt, the Earl of Chatham. Another English friend of Fitzhugh brought his daughter to live at Chatham in an effort to break up her romance with a commoner. But the man followed her to America, and the two planned to elope from Chatham Manor. He gave her a rope ladder and waited in a small boat in a nearby river. Unfortunately, none other than George Washington, another close friend of Fitzhugh, was staying there at the same time. He learned of their plans from a maid and had his men arrest the suitor. The girl returned to England with her father and later married. But she vowed to return to Chatham Manor to look for her lover. Her ghost was first sighted there on the day she died, June 21, 1790, and returns every seven years on the anniversary of her death to wander along the path to the river, looking for her lost love.

Fredericksburg - Fall Hill Plantation - Reports of electrical problems, cabinets opening and closing, ghostly figures circling one’s bed, cold spots, strange odors, and disembodied voices.

Fredericksburg - There is a ghost of a small black child, perhaps three or four years old. He sleeps curled in the fetal position about two feet off of the ground in one of the Civil War battlefields.

Front Royal - Frederick Avenue - There have been many sightings of a child walking in the graveyard behind Frederick Avenue. Also, some of the people in these houses on the avenue have sighted ghosts within their own premises such as children crying out to them.

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