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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Storm Over Paint Creek

Green County Tennessee and Madison County North Carolina share a rugged stretch of the Appalachian Trail along the crest of the Bald Mountain Range. This is Kudoland - a universe of wonders. The Cherokee National Forest, Paint Creek, and Sawmill Branch to the west. The Pisgah National Forest, Big Laurel Watershed, and Hot Springs NC, uneasily perched on the flood prone banks of the French Broad River, to the east.

"Are you distracted by outward cares? Then allow yourself a space of quiet, wherein you can add to your knowledge of the Good and learn to curb your restlessness." - Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, Book Two.

I'm reading Marcus Aurelius again. His 'space of quiet' reminds me of Sawmill Branch and the ferocious storm that swept thru the camp by Paint Creek the night before. Hammering on the Beagle's tin roof loud enough to keep me and hope awake, for late night storms often create spectacular light shows the following morning. On that stormy night by Paint Creek, that was my restless wish…

09:45 am. …the calm by Sawmill Branch seeps into my bones and liberates my senses. Lemon-yellow light pours in, disturbs the fragile chill, and warms away the steam. Hastily, I rush the shot as waters impatient, stirred by storm, hurry down grade to Paint Creek.

Sawmill Branch
Cherokee National Forest
Green County, Tennessee
Tuesday 14 June 1994


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