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Monday, February 06, 2006

No Helmets? Bad Idea!

I know that most motorcyclists are responsible people but riding without a helmet on is crazy. A lot of motorcycle accidents happen on the Parkway by hitting animals, swerving to avoid hitting animals, speeding, watching the scenery instead of the road. Some are alcohol related and some are just carelessness while others are caused by careless drivers of automobiles. What ever the reason, this new law could, and likely will, increase the number of fatalities involving motorcyclists.
"Motorcyclists could be closer to riding helmet-free. A House of Delegates committee has endorsed a measure that would lift Virginia's motorcycle helmet law for operators and passengers aged 21 years and older."

The bill -- sponsored by William Janis of Henrico – passed 13-to-7 vote in the Militia, Police and Public safety Committee on Friday. It now goes to the full house.

Janis says he thinks most motorcycle enthusiasts would continue to wear the helmets for protections -- but doesn't see why a motorcyclist would be prevented from removing his helmet while riding at 35 miles per hour on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Opponents say the law would likely lead to more serious injuries.

Source: NBC 12

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