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Thursday, May 18, 2006

My Kind of Town

Wouldn't it be great to stroll by the Potomoc River early each morning, in different seasons, different weather, and spectacular light. Well, that's taken for granted in Franklin West Virginia, Pendleton County. Take a search on Google and the town of Franklin barely makes a ripple. The best they can find are canned general-purpose messages like "Find a date in (fill in the town)." Or, "Find a part-time job in (fill in the town)".

Mister Google totally ignores Thompson's Motel at $30 bucks a night where momma robin nested and tends her brood on the electrical box above the door. Skittering nervously as I shuffle in and out, exhibiting powerful protective urges, then eventually settling down casting suspicious glances my way over her sheltering wing. Maybe I should tell that Google search engine about the feisty chicken that owns my parking spot, charging aggressively, smugly indifferent to the fact that she's standing on my room number painted on the pavement.

Mister Magnificent Google totally disregards the mean French toast scrambled egg breakfast combo served at Thompson's restaurant, which prides itself as the Potomoc Headquarters (West Virginia State Chapter) of the National Wild Turkey Federation, winner of the 'jakes' and 'gobbler' ribbons for 2002, 2003, and 2004. Laudable achievements celebrated in a huge painting, a gobbler and two fat hens in a pretty wood, generously framed.

Google misses Franklin completely: making it my kind of town!


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